What is light language and what can it do for you?

An article describing the transformative power of The Unity Chant newly released on 21 December 2023

Light language is the language of the Universe. It is a universal language that every soul understands. There is no need for translation into any language you speak on Earth.

When you listen to a healing chant presented in light language, you will subconsciously understand and incorporate its healing intention and frequency.

If your native language is Hindi or English, for example, your heart will understand the light language and what it conveys. Your body deva will understand the light language. She or he will understand its divine healing intention and will implement the necessary changes in your etheric-physical body.

Your life in the dense physical of Earth will reflect this before long. As a result, your updated frequency will attract new experiences into your life because like attracts like.

Light language is a healing intention from Source or Creator

The vowels and consonants of a light language chant carry a divine intention.

Everything in you that vibrates below that divine intention will gradually adapt to the higher, divine vibration.

The healing frequency will be incorporated into your energetics, into your etheric-physical body on Earth.

By listening to a healing chant sung in light language, you choose an easy-going method for spiritual healing. All you need to do is listen and allow the frequencies to cleanse your system.

The most powerful healing is available in the subtle fields. As you may know from our lectures at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY by the SANAT KUMARA and us Master Teachers, everything is first created (or is undone) by devas in the subtle fields.

Even this planet was created like this. This is what today’s scientists need to accept and embrace for good. Nothing less is necessary for a turnaround of our destructive global societies, in all fields of human activity.

The healing chants sung by Katharina Adari are light codes containing divine intentions.

What is a Divine intention?

A divine intention, or light code, serves to bring the Creator’s truth into reality. In 2012, the law of duality ended on this planet. As a result, emotions such as anger, war, or fear ceased to be the Creator’s truth for this planet because dark forces are no longer allowed to operate on the Earth – unless people invite them through low-vibrational emotions such as fear, anger, blame, etc.

Unity is a divine truth, and the Unity Chant is designed to manifest the divine truth of Unity of all life on Earth.

The Unity Chant carries and radiates the divine intention of Unity consciousness and awareness in Oneness.

We need unity consciousness on Earth to renew our planet and how people co-exist with her. As people on Earth are part of AMAYA, Mother Nature, or Earth, their ever-growing unity consciousness will guide them to implement the necessary changes to find new and healthy ways of living on this planet that will benefit everyone.

All the healing chants we will release into this world from now on have the power to help you heal your life and, as a result, our beloved planet Earth. Our wish for you is that you live your life freely and light-heartedly, in harmony with your soul and your purpose for your current incarnation.

What we offer through this website has the power to make this possible.

Thank you for reading this short article on the power of light language. We bow to you.

Co-authored by MOTHER MARY and Katharina Adari

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