Every one of my clients has asked themselves more than once: What are they really here for and what can they do for the Earth? The whispered answer of their soul has always been the same: “Listen to me!”

It was your plan, as an embodied aspect of your soul, to be a co-creator in the oneness of all life on this planet.

This also means that you wished to work with beings from other dimensions.

This was the most natural thing to do in the “golden” days of yore.

We are in the midst of the frequency shift that began in 2012. What is needed for a paradigm shift in our society is available in the higher dimensions. That knowledge will be given to those who will use it in the world of matter in service to all life.

The preparation lies in expanding the library of one’s mind and integrating one’s cosmic powers.

As a walk-in* of Earth’s Master Teachers MOTHER MARY and YESHUA, it is my job and my ability to help you realize your soul’s potential and plan on Earth.

Whoever walks this path calmly and resolutely can be a key person for the New Earth.

Are you ready for the true leadership role that awaits you?

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Katharina Adari

*Partial walk-in means that these higher dimensional beings of light are firmly attached to the chakra system of the incarnated person. In my case, they make up as much as 60 percent of the system. The connection is permanent for the duration of my incarnation.