Helping you Realize your Soul Potential

This is the time to restore your divine energetics. As your soul mission is critical, realizing your soul potential at this time is critical.

All services and products are designed to help you realize your soul aspect’s potential in this incarnation: To contribute to the up-to-date divine plan to restore the beauty of this planet and those inhabiting it.

About Katharina Adari

Katharina Adari co-creates light language chants and other high-vibrational services and digital products to help people on Earth become the wholly divine co-creators they are.

The UNITY CHANT allows you to experience oneness with All That Is, and to integrate that frequency for good.

BE YOURSELF aligns you with your original divine blueprint and your soul’s mission.

HEALING EARTH – AMAYA’S SONG uplifts you into the frequency and vibration of beauty, joy and abundance in Divine creation with the New Earth in higher Dimensions.

Katharina’s role is to create healing sound for the planet and cosmos. Being a partial walk-in for YESHUA, MOTHER MARY and GOD INDRA, she puts galactic wisdom into action on Earth.

She speaks high-vibrational lectures for them, serving as a co-teacher and author at NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY, Earth’s Spiritual University.