The light language chant that helps you connect to your soul, your divine
blueprint, and your planetary mission

BE YOURSELF is official NAMAS YOUNIVERSITY study material

This is The SANAT KUMARA. I am delighted to offer you this light language chant by Katharina. It is a primordial creation that holds profound value for all who wish to answer the call of their soul to serve the up-to-date divine plan. If your practice is consistent, it will take you to a point where your soul can tell you: “YOU ARE READY.”

Connect to your soul and planetary mission

“BE YOURSELF is the light language chant that connects you to your soul and blueprint while aligning you with your higher mission.
It helps you accept, embrace, and embody your soul’s intention.
This chant helps you to be yourself, your soul with all its genius and experience spanning universes.
It helps you to integrate your soul’s unfathomable wisdom.” – MOTHER MARY

“This divine chant will connect you to the primordial light of Creation.
That light is pure, knowing no darkness.
Your soul was made of that primordial light. Where there is such light, there can be no darkness.

“BE YOURSELF strengthens and reinforces your heart’s connection to your soul and the Divine Eternal Source. It helps purify your embodiment on Earth.” – YESHUA

How long does it take to notice any effect?

Integrating this Creation will take days, weeks, or months. It depends on where you stand right now. As the chant will unravel what keeps you from living your soul’s mission, keep focusing on living your life in the present moment.

Listen to BE YOURSELF periodically and in carefully measured doses. It will purge more and more of what you are not. For most people that is quite a lot!

This chant strengthens your trust in yourself and your love for yourself. It helps you to ascend further and further and to implement your soul’s enlightening mission on Earth as has been orchestrated by The SANAT KUMARA to fulfill the up-to-date divine plan.

I suggest using it daily but do not listen to it non-stop. These are no randomly selected frequencies. The light language contained in this chant emanates the divine creation of primordial soul connection and carrying out one’s soul’s mission. Allow the effect to unfold naturally in your energy system and your life.” – MOTHER MARY

BE YOURSELF will be delivered to you via download of two different MP3 audio files on Digistore24. BE YOURSELF comes in two parts: A and B.

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